Mobile Workforce Applications for Real-time Communication Anywhere on Any Device

The WAVE Technical Brief explains how WAVE enables our customers to build powerful yet easy to use mobile workforce communications solutions.
Download the WAVE datasheet for a quick summary of its capabilities and benefits.
The WAVE animated video explains how we enable mobile workers to instantly communicate on any device.

Twisted Pair is the recognized leader in mobile workforce communications solutions for secure, real-time collaboration on any device over any network in any location.  We are the only company that integrates instant voice communications with text messaging, location, presence and other data so that essentially any devices - smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and two-way radios - can talk to each other seamlessly. 

WAVE is our award-winning, communications interoperability platform. It is widely regarded as the de facto Voice-over-IP (VoIP) platform for delivering Radio-over-IP (RoIP) for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) integration and interoperability, enabling your workforce to connect and collaborate in ways never before possible.

Mobility Applications

Turn smartphones and tablets into an effective team communication devices.  WAVE Mobile Communicators enable users to communicate and collaborate securely with individuals or teams of people on other smartphones, two-way radio networks and in their office environment via PC based applications.

Desktop Applications

Desktop and web communication applications that unify communications among teams of workers, whether in their office or mobile.  WAVE includes applications that are role specific that can be used stand-alone or integrated seamlessly into other popular communication and collaboration platforms.

Cloud Service for Push-to-Talk Communications

Securely connect teams of mobile workers with a network independent push-to-talk solution for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile devices. Organizations and users simply sign-up for an account, create their own Talk Groups, invite others to join, and start communicating.  It’s that easy.

Battle-tested Communications Platform

Distributed communications interoperability platform optimized for integrating and transporting real-time voice, video, text and other vital business information securely over any network with connectivity to two-way radio, telephony and other legacy and modern communication systems.

WAVE can deployed as an on-premise enterprise solution or as a private managed cloud solution providing choice to our customers and partners.