WAVE Connections

The Most Capable 3G, 4G LTE or WiFi Push-to-Talk Service Available Today

Ste. Anne's Police Department replaced its radio network with smartphones and a cloud PTT service.

WAVE Connections is our ground-breaking Push-to-Talk (PTT) subscription service for organizations that are serious about their mobile workforce communications.

Developed as a more flexible and capable alternative to proprietary, single vendors PTT solutions that enable communications between teams of mobiles workers, WAVE Connections is deployed on smartphones and tablets and operates over any data or WiFi network from any location, making it the world's most extensive PTT solution today.

  • An Immediate Connection Improves Productivity - WAVE Connections is all about an immediate connection—no dialing required. Using a mobile device and network of choice, users can talk and listen to others in the same way they would use a walkie-talkie or a full-featured radio handset, by pushing your “talk” button to talk and releasing it to receive audio. This powerful business productivity service allows instant communications between workers in the office, in the field or at home.

  • Use Any Smartphone or Data Network - You probably already have a smartphone that can work with WAVE Connections. Whether it's an iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile/CE device, we've got you covered. You can use your existing mobile data provider too. WAVE Connections works with all providers so that you can keep the service you currently have or chose another provider's voice and data plan than fits your personal needs. We're all about keeping it simple and convenient.

  • Mapping Helps You Locate Your Team Mates and Co-Workers - Smartphones are a great alternative to dedicated GPS devices offering excellent mapping and navigation capabilities that any mobile worker will appreciate. WAVE Connections exploits the GPS capabilities of smartphones and allows every user to see the location of other users on the channel.

  • Extend Land Mobile Radio Using WAVE Connections - That means construction companies, utilities, transportation services and other industries that depend onLMR for team communications can extend it's range and usefulness.

  • Access WAVE Connections Channels from a PC - Users with access to a PC can also use a browser-based push-to-talk application to speak with team members and co-workers. This web-based application is accessible from any PC, anywhere in the world with an internet connection, providing much needed dispatch-like functionality.

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