WAVE Communicators

WAVE Communicators Enable Your Workforce to Connect and Collaborate

Ste. Anne's Police Department replaced its radio network with smartphones and a cloud PTT service.
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WAVE has numerous client applications for PCs, desktop IP phones and smartphones to meet the needs of all types of users.  Called WAVE Communicators, these applications provide the user interface to a WAVE communications system:
  • WAVE Dispatch Communicator is the industry-leading software-based, VoIP Dispatch Console used in some of the most critical and demanding dispatch scenarios in public safety, defense, and commercial markets. 

  • WAVE Desktop Communicator gives users desktop access to mobile workers on two-way radios or PTT services via pre-configured communications channels and patches assigned by the system administrator.

  • WAVE Web Communicator provides access to mobile workers on two-way radios or PTT services via any web browser.       

  • WAVE Mobile Communicator augments and extends critical communications by enabling smartphones and other specialty purpose devices to securely communicate with any other communication system.

  • WAVE Communicator for Microsoft Lync extends Microsoft’s Lync unified communications platform by adding direct voice and data communications with two-way radio and smartphone users as they would anyone else in their Lync networ, making interactions easier and more accessible.

  • WAVE Communicator for Microsoft SharePoint gives SharePoint users the ability to communicate with mobile workers on two-way radios and smartphones directly from their SharePoint desktop.

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